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Sectional Warping

Warp Preparation Circuit Properties:

The 1st machine calculates the entered meter angularly and detects the diameter growth, allowing you to wrap the real meter in Levent.
Due to the increase in diameter of the second machine, it reduces the hood speed proportionally and provides the same tension at the beginning and end of the work, which seriously affects the work quality.
Since the front sport system of the third machine is servo motor controlled, the front roller works very close to the work and the yarn is wound directly without flying and expanding as it comes out of the comb, which seriously increases the work quality.
4. Since the machine’s front and rear guiding systems are controlled by servo motors, there is no mechanical gear oil and the trolleys are controlled via the automation system.
5. Values ​​are entered on the 10” inch touch screen of the machine and saved to the recipe system. When the same job comes again, the whole system becomes ready with a single click.
6. There is a servo motor system in the comb system, and all comb positions can be separated from the Operator panel.
7. The machine memorizes the broken threads during operation and stops automatically when taking them to Levent.
8. There are all safety systems on the machine, photocell barrier, emergency stop, etc.
9. The machine automatically stops at the lower cross upper cross points and makes automatic positioning of the comb.
10.Levent makes an automatic stop at the end of the work during the pick-up and ensures that the work is fully seated on the Levent by making automatic shaking motion during the work winding.
11. The machine has an ups power supply system, it is not affected by electrical interruptions.
12. The machine is under warranty for 2 years
13. All kinds of malfunctions and problems in the machine are shown on the machine control panel.