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Bursa Org. San. Böl. Ali Osman Sönmez Blv. No:7/B 16140 Nilüfer / Bursa / TURKIYE


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1967 yılından bu yana sizin için üretiyoruz...

PARMAK Makine ile Çözgü hazırlama Devere ve Cağlık sistemleri...

Parmak Machinery Industry and Trade Inc. has been producing conical warping machine and creel since 1967. With more than 75 years of industry experience, after understanding and analyzing customer needs in the best way, new methods are developed by constantly improving existing systems with the right, quality product. As Parmak Machine, our main goal is to be a company that not only pursues profit, but also puts its signature under innovations in the sector. We have achieved many innovations by developing existing systems with the projects we have carried out for this purpose.
Our company, which continues to implement major engineering projects, also continues its activities with a production-oriented vision in every region of our country and also with an export focus.

With a never-ending quality, after-sales service understanding and spare parts support, “For the last 35 years, they have been exported to 3 continents, 25 countries, including Egypt, Asia and Africa, and they operate under the assurance of Parmak Machinery.
With more than 75 years of experience, Parmak Machinery, aiming to be the first domestic company that comes to mind when it comes to conical warping, will continue to invest in R&D and production with the vision that we can always do better, blending the demands in the textile sector with its experience.


75 yılı askın sektör tecrübesi ile çözgü hazırlama devere, caglık sistemlerinde teknolojik öncüsü....Parmak Makine